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Welcome to our intraday trading platform!

Please log in to one of our two available trading client interfaces.

Intraday Web is our easy-to-use web-based trading platform that gives you fluent access to all Nord Pool intraday markets. It is always up-to-date. No upgrades or installations needed!

Intraday web

If you'd like to use the Elbas 4 java client, please start the application here:

Elbas 4 client

Elbas 4 standalone application packages for Windows

If - for any reason - you cannot or do not want to upgrade your Java runtime to version 8, please use the following links to install a complete, standalone package of Elbas 4 on your computer. This installation does not interfere with any Java runtime versions already installed or being installed in the future.

Version 4.4.6 - effective from the 10th of January 2017, 16:00 CET

Elbas 4 installer (32 bit) Elbas 4 installer (64 bit)

Notes for the java version

  • The Elbas 4 client requires Java 8. It is always recommended to use the latest Java Runtime (JRE), which at the moment is Java Version 8 Update 161.
  • You can always check your java version or download Java 8 here.
  • In case your operating system is Microsoft Windows 10, you will need at least Java version 8 Update 66, as it contains some important fixes needed by Windows.

  • Important!

    We would like to remind our members that we will be upgrading our Intraday Web platform with new features, launching a brand new Intraday API and transitioning customers using the Elbas4 Java client in our Nordic, Baltic and German intraday markets to Intraday Web on February 20th 2018. The ELBAS JAVA client will no longer be in operation after this time. Full details of the upgrade can be found on our website here:

    Details of the technical switchover will be communicated to members via email and on our website later this year.

    Further assistance: or call +47 6710 9115. API related requests: